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Have you been shaking your head at weak guitar tabs, tedious YouTube tutorials or buggy phone apps, trying to learn a solid foundation in music theory?  You wouldn’t be alone!  Music Protest doesn’t just aggregate content, we publish it.  We know what teachers, players, performers, engineers and DJ’s are dealing with, so we share what we know.

Online Courses

Music Protest helps musicians expand and advance their abilities and skills. But, we are also working to nurture a shared sense of purpose. Our community is building a stronger connection to what’s real (and active) in music.  Join Music Protest and we’ll keep in touch! Enroll and take a music theory class and find the best way to develop an understanding of intervals on the guitar fretboard with our courses.


Music Protest is creating and sharing original podcasts on a regular basis.  The podcast episodes are designed to expose new ways to approach your creative process and improve the results.

Tutorials & Resources

Most music theory needs to be studied, but not all lessons are equal.  Learning by doing is an approach that we champion.  So, you’ll find super-practical tutorials and hands-on lessons here.

  • Free Music Theory Resources Free Music Theory Resources - Learn Music Theory with Free Resources If you have questions about what parts of music theory will be useful for understanding and learning modern music, look no further than the following list of free educational downloads and materials. continue...

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