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Music Protest publishes thoughtful, refreshing articles about creative evolution.  In the past,  was the domain of concert pianists and master performers.  In the new millennium its evolved into a much more common part of everyday life.  There are new instruments (like Ableton’s Push 2 and iPads), new ways of listening (iPhones and Spotify) and new ways of collaborating (Blend io). Now, you can get a grip on what it all means and how you can be more creative.

Online Courses

We offer online courses, beginner music lessons and online music lessons for adults. Ranging from basic music theory to advanced soloing techniques, aspiring music students and gigging musicians can develop better musicianship and songwriting skills. Taking music lessons online is the most convenient way to focus on what you want to learn.

  • Online Courses - Save 75% - 83% Enroll Today and Learn Music Online - Music Theory Topics Harmony & Melody 12 Bar Blues Learn Music Online - Music Theory Enroll today in our flagship music theory video course! This is a great way to take music lessons online.  Our self-paced courses represent well-designed curriculums. continue...


Music Protest launched it’s Official Podcast in 2017.  Episodes are about 30 minutes in length and they dive deep into performance and theory concepts.  Follow our podcast on SoundCloud and use our contact form to suggest topics for future podcast episodes!  Podcasts are released every week.

Tutorials & Resources

The word “music” takes its meaning from the Greek Muses (daughters of Zeus).  A muse is “a person (or personified force) who is the source of inspiration for a creative artist.”  Our lessons on music presents timely, concise and innovative guides and tutorials that will connect you with your “muse” and help you do your thing.

  • Free Video Guitar Lessons - Free Lessons From Music Protest Here, at Music Protest, we think its helpful to produce high-quality, free video music lessons for our online community.  We've created a collection of free lessons that are aimed at explaining how continue...

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