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Music Protest is collecting and sharing articles for creative artists because creative people always need updated viewpoints. Now, you can benefit from refreshing perspectives that make sense. Since artist move fast, so does Music Protest – publishing fresh perspectives related to making (and listening to) modern music every week.   Feel free to submit content links or topic ideas.  Otherwise, find helpful resources about music theory, Ableton/Push 2, MIDI Controllers, synthesizers, guitar, bass and more…

  • Acoustic EDM Manifesto Acoustic EDM Manifesto: Mute the How - Asking the Right Question 2015 and 2016 were banner years for my expansion into new styles of music.  Most memorably, I learned an important life lesson from Electronic Dance Music (EDM).  "EDM?", you say...  Yep, EDM.  It was continue...
  • Music Protest: Art, Business, Talent & Authenticity Art, Business, Talent and Authenticity - Art is Risk Authenticity in music is risky... if you are social... and value the opinions of those around you.  Expressing my authentic reaction is a commitment of solidarity with those who agree with me. continue...

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Since so many artists have wandered alone, searching for their clan, Music Protest thought it’d be a good idea to create a place where people share common values and aspirations.  Make Music Protest your clan – join Music Protest!  Wouldn’t you rather join a community that can empower traditional and non-traditional artists with relevant, useful artistic support?


Each episode of the Music Protest Podcast represents especially well-informed examinations of theory and performance concepts. Artists from all directions will find every episode empowering, concise and relevant to their performances and creativity process.

  • Podcast Episode #2: Top 20 iOS Music Apps Top 20 iOS Music Apps - iOS Music Apps Revealed! Summary: This episode introduces my 20 iOS music apps. These are some of the most powerful tools around - for music students, music instructors and gigging musicians alike. Plus, you’ll get continue...

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Musicians come from all styles and backgrounds – then, they contribute something unique and original to their community.  While individual artists can be very, very unique and different from one another, the core elements of their art are the same.  At last, there’s a hub for learning more about those core elements – from Music Protest.

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