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Live performance is the final step in your musical creative process! Plus, it can be the most fulfilling step! Music Protest shares valuable insights that can breathe new life into your live performances. Performance is a challenge these days, due to technological complexities. However, live performing may be the easiest way to set yourself apart in a growing musical landscape.

  • Music Protest & Live Performance Music Protest & Live Performance - pro·test noun prōˌtest/ a statement or action expressing disapproval of or objection to something. Music Protest is a source of information and perspective for musicians and artists.  Most artists and musicians suffer significant sacrifice to make music the continue...

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Many artists elevate their live performance of music after developing specific skills. Music Protest searches out the best answers to common questions related to live performing, so you don’t have to. Then, we publish blog articles, YouTube tutorials, online courses and podcasts filled with tips, tricks and guidelines for mastering live performance.


The Official Music Protest Podcast is published every few weeks. Topics and discussions focus on filling in the gaps of a traditional music background with concise perspective and guidance related to live performance. Each downloadable episode will illuminate and inspire. After all, inspiration is what Music Protest is all about!  Every episode directly empowers performing and creative artists and fans alike. Subscribe and tune in!

  • Solo in Any Style of Music Solo in Any Style of Music - Podcast Episode 1 Summary: Learning to improvise a guitar solo in any style can be a challenge.  But, it's easy when you understand 3 things: chord tones, color tones and chromatics.  This podcast episode examines these 3 "tone continue...

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Are you developing your on-stage persona?  Need advise on MIDI controllers and interfaces? There a variety of important questions that Music Protest can help answer. First, head over to our YouTube channel or checkout out our Twitter feed for useful tutorials and downloads.

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