Performance can be the final, most fulfilling aspect of your musical creative process! Music Protest is sharing valuable insights that will breathe new life onto the stage and invigorate your creative process.  Performance is a challenging endeavor these days, due to technological and social complexities.

      Lessons in Performance

      Developing your on-stage persona?  Need advise on MIDI controllers and interfaces?


        The purpose behind the Official Music Protest Podcast is to fill in the gaps of a traditional music background with concise, downloadable episodes that illuminate and inspire – after all, that’s what Music Protest is all about.  Every episode directly empowers performing and creative artists and fans alike. Subscribe and tune in!

          Sounds & Samples

          On stage, the audience is looking to you to lead them.  You need great gear, confidence and the right attitude… But, you have to have the right sounds as well.  We’ve been there and we’ve struggled to make the best 1st impression.  That’s why we’re sharing these free sounds – so you can get a head start on making a perfect 1st impression.