Music Protest publishes thoughtful, refreshing articles about creative evolution.  In the past,  was the domain of concert pianists and master performers.  In the new millennium its evolved into a much more common part of everyday life.  There are new instruments (like Ableton’s Push 2 and iPads), new ways of listening (iPhones and Spotify) and new ways of collaborating (Blend io). Now, you can get a grip on what it all means and how you can be more creative.


Music Protest is a community.  The internet allows artists to collaborate more effectively… So, we’re using the internet to share resources.  We are as strong as its members, so please join us and contribute.  You’re invited to submit content ideas, videos, articles and anything else that will directly support our online community.

    Lessons and Tutorials

    The word “music” takes its meaning from the Greek Muses (daughters of Zeus).  A muse is “a person (or personified force) who is the source of inspiration for a creative artist.”  Our lessons presents timely, concise and innovative guides and tutorials that will connect you with your “muse” and help you do your thing.


    Music Protest launched it’s Official Podcast in 2017.  Episodes are about 30 minutes in length and they dive deep into performance and theory concepts.  Follow our podcast on SoundCloud and use our contact form to suggest topics for future podcast episodes!  Podcasts are released every week.

      Tools for Creativity

      Discover our library of free online tools – it’s always developing and contains many useful resources.  We want to make it easier to be creative and stay in the right creative frame of mind.  Tools range from Ableton devices to MIDI maps and guitar tab.  So, go ahead download and have fun!