Solo in Any Style of Music

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Solo in Any Style of Music

Podcast Episode 1

Learning to improvise a guitar solo in any style can be a challenge.  But, it’s easy when you understand 3 things: chord tones, color tones and chromatics.  This podcast episode examines these 3 “tone types”.  You’ll also learn some innovative ways to use harmony and melody to solo in any style of music!  You’ll get a concise explanation of what harmonic progressions really are – a melody factory!  So, Subscribe to the podcast and start listening!

Target Audience:
This episode is useful for band leaders, solo musicians, composers and songwriters. The concepts here are useful for any instrument, but the examples are played on guitar.

Episode Length:
The length of this podcast episode is 28:05 minutes.

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Music Protest has 2 great video lessons on our YouTube Channel.  We’d recommend studying these lessons as well.  They’ll help develop a deeper understanding of the concepts in this podcast episode.

Support Files:
This episode uses real-life examples and it will be more fun and make better sense if you download the support files for free here so you can follow along on your instrument.  Also, please join our mailing list (to get more free downloads).

About Author

Will Edwards

I've am a full-time professional musician who has broad teaching experience with guitar & bass students in rock, blues, jazz and many other genres. I've devoted over 24 years to my own well-rounded musical education, focusing on a mastery of all aspects of modern music - from practice routines to ear training; from live performance to composition and music theory. I specialize in bridging the gap between music and technology, focusing on using modern tools to demonstrate all aspects of music. I'm extremely comfortable using web-based tools and mobile devices in education, performance and composition. I even program my own online tools in order to customize my students' learning experience. I currently maintain a full calendar of private one-on-one students. I offer clear, accessible lessons for beginners and experts alike.

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